Royal Jelly


Royal Jelly is the “milky” substance specially produced by nurse bees for the nourishment of their young and is the staple diet of the queen bee. Generally, fresh royal jelly contains only 2% 10-HDA and needs to be refrigerated. Liquid royal jelly in soft gel is reconstituted lyophilised royal jelly with soy and lecitin. Royal jelly in softgel may contain less 10-HDA than the pure lyophilised royal jelly.



  1. Regulates Blood Pressure
  2. Balances Cholesterol Levels
  3. Treats Infertility Issues
  4. Prevents Cancer
  5. Reduces Inflammation
  6. Prevents Premature Aging
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Boosts Metabolism
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  • Royal jelly typically contains 60% to 70% water, 15% proteins, and 2-3% vitamins and amino acids – all of these contribute to its benefits.Research shows that taking royal jelly on a regular basis can lower bad cholesterol levels. It can also treat infertility and high blood pressure and can be a good aid in the treatment of various forms of cancer.
  • 100g/bottle


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