BeeBoy独家结晶蜂蜜 (1kg)

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JOHOR 唯一拥有 #自家养峰场,经营超过17年。 拥有国家标准的 #化验安全报告,超过5万买家 ,销售超过10万罐 ! 从没让顾客失望过主页 5/5 星 #好评!   从养蜂到采蜜再到销售都是 #自家亲手包办,没有跟其他商家割货 ! 所以可以 #保证每罐都是纯蜂蜜,给予 #如有假货全款退回的 #SteadyBombibi 保证!

BeeBoy Premium Raw Honey is harvested in virgin forests of Simpang Rengan which beekeeper finding that is pollution-free and fresh areas clear from herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers to place the beehives. This totally pure, unheated, raw, unprocessed honey provides the most nutritional value our health.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey

Honey is Not recommended for infants below 12 months.

Therapeutic uses for HONEY:

  1. Helps to relief coughs, colds and asthma
  2. Antibacterial properties that helps to heal wounds and burns
  3. Enhances the skin complexion and improves and digestive system
  4. Good energy source and help boost the immune system
  5. Relives fatigue

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BeeBoy椰子花蜜, BeeBoy凤梨花蜜, BeeBo野桂花蜜

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