Bee Pollen


  • 100% Original
  • Nature’s most complete food
  • Super food
  • Beneficial to the skin
  • 150g/bottle
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Bee pollen is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered by the bees and to which special elements from the bees has been added.  The honey bee collects pollen and mixes it with its own digestive enzymes. One pollen graule contains from one hundred thousand to five million pollen spores each capable of reproducing its entire species.

Primary Applications of Bee Pollen.

  • Allergies Anemia Antibiotic
  • Appetite (can act as a stimulant or suppressant depending on need) Athsma Blood builder
  • Capillary weakness Chronic fatigue Immune system booster
  • Impotence Infertility Kidney disorders
  • Longevity Menopausal symptoms Prostate diseases
  • Ulcers
To Use: Since bee pollen is an unproven treatment, there is no standard dose. Some people use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of bee pollen granules daily. They gradually increase the dose up to 6 teaspoons.


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