EYNSHAN NurtureControl Wearable Electric Breast Pump



1. 如何平衡工作与定时挤奶?
2. 挤奶器声音较大,工作地点挤奶尴尬?
3. 如何坚持继续挤奶?

Eynshan Nurture Control免扶手挤奶器是返工妈咪的理想选择,解决烦恼之处:
✨ 特色:

– 按摩模式:轻柔刺激乳汁流动。
– 吸奶模式:有效提取乳汁。
– 混合模式:结合按摩和吸奶,最大效率。

– 通过R5遥控器方便调节设置,不再需要在同事面前尴尬操作吸奶器。

– 无LED屏,专注功能,外观干净优雅,与您的风格相得益彰。

– 稳定便捷,吸奶后将吸奶器放在支架上,不会溢出,免去烦扰。

– 一边吸奶,一边工作,Eynshan Nurture Control为您提供真正解放的体验。


💜NurtureControl motor pump along with the cup x1
💜Milk Collection Container x1
💜Dust cover x1
💜Charger cable x1
💜Silicone Diagram x1
💜Dust cover x1
💜Charger cable x1
💜FREE spare part valve x2
💜FREE 24mm Breast Shields Funnel x1
💜FREE 27mm Breast Shields Funnel x1
💜FREE 19mm insert x1

Easy Pairing Instructions:

1. Activate Breast Pump:
– Turn on the breast pump.
– Simultaneously press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.
– The LED light will blink, indicating it’s ready for pairing.

2. Pair with Remote Control R5:
– Switch on the remote control.
– Use the power button to select either the ‘Left L’ or ‘Right R’ option.
– Long-press the power button until the LED shows ‘DISPLAY’, confirming your selection.
– Finally, press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons together until ‘P’ is displayed, indicating successful pairing.

Additional information

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1 unit, 2 units


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