Lady Balm


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Lady Balm is a multi functional facial balm. It is specially formulated that is effective in whitening,hydrating and moisturizing, Anti-aging and eliminates fine lines. It is waterproof & has powerful Sun protection SPF 30 that acts as skin perfecter provides natural coverage to improve skin tone and texture.

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Lady Balm是个具有多功能的脸部护肤霜。它是特别研制以便得以有效地发挥美白、保湿及滋润功能。它也能够帮助抗老化以及细化脸部细纹。另外,ladybalm可以防水和具有SPF30高效果防晒功能,提供肌肤最天然的保护以及让皮肤色调鲜明、健康,整个人看起来也荣光焕发,真是一举多得!



  • Whitening 美白
  • Protection from the sun 防晒
  • Anti-microbial, sebum regulator 抗菌
  • Waterproof 防水
  • Sebum control 控油
  • Coverage 遮瑕
  • Hydrating and moisturizing 保湿和滋润
  • Anti-inflammatory 抗炎
  • Anti-aging and eliminates fine lines 抗老化以及浅化细纹

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