Estria Bundle 3 btls- FREE Limited Edition Ang Pao Packs

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推荐搭配 效果加倍!
————充分深入给于宝妈产前。产后最温和的滋养 ————


SET A (Estria Home Remede x3 )


SET B (Estria Home Remede x2 + Estria Moist Scrub )


SET C (Estria Home Remede x2 + De Ruby’s Oil )


SET D (Estria Home Remede x2 + Calming Bath Foam )


SET E (Calming Bath Foam x3)




Estria Home Remede :妊娠纹预防与淡化妊娠纹 
💁🏼 作用:100%天然植物草本精华为原材,多种维生素对人体皮肤有良好的营养、高度滋润、舒缓干痒,已征服数百万女性,帮她们解决纹路的梦想!

Estria MoistScrub:是针对孕妇皮肤而研发的温和磨砂
💁🏼 作用:避免产品太滋润导致肚皮很痒红点,利用最温和的配方达到最佳清洁力,去除皮肤毛孔的油脂之余,绝不伤害到孕期敏感脆弱的皮肤。定期清理老角质,促进受损组织再生恢复💦

De Ruby’s Oil:是针对研发给母亲的一款祛风油
💁🏼 作用:不辛辣!不臭油!但集合祛风,舒缓疼痛,还能当作按摩的祛风油~


Estria 品牌来自100%天然植物的营养♥️

#温和 #不刺激 #补水 #加速皮肤衰老新陈代谢♥️

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Estria Home Remede 预防妊娠纹油的能力高达90-95%
👉 平均 95% #预防,平均 #一个月淡化
👉 平均一星期销售800瓶
👉 纯天然成分无添加
👉 手工制作
👉 还可以预防改善孕期瘙痒、孕疹
👉 滋润不让孕期皮肤干燥到脱皮
👉 用上了最好的Young Living 薰衣草精油,还能安抚你孕期焦躁不安地情绪,让你夜晚好眠

一天涂抹3次。不油不黏不需要冲洗,涂了可以直接睡觉,半夜不再痒醒来 ♥️


Estria Home Remede is a skin remede [100mL] which is most effectively used for stretch marks and skin lotion because it uses a variety of home grown and premium oils from Aloe Vera, Coconut Oils and natural Vitamin E oils.

1. Aloe Vera;
Aloe Vera is being used for centuries for its healing and therapeutic properties. The plant contains a miraculous gel that can be utilized in a variety of ways from healing the damaged skin to the removal or prevention of stretch marks.

2. Sweet Almond oil;
It supports the collagen fibre and improves the skin, helps in improving the skin tone, thus fade away the stretch marks

3. Vitamin E:
helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy
accumulates in the epidermis and serve as a barrier to moisture evaporation.
can also improve the strength, condition and elasticity of skin.

4. Coconut Oil:
saturated fats that strengthen the cell walls.
many antioxidants that fight free radicals and will nourish the damaged skin.
immense moisturizing properties.
gets absorbed deep into the skin very quickly.

To prevent stretch marks Coconut oil can be used internally and externally and it has no harmful or discomforting side effects.

5. Lavender essential oil:
is best known for its calming properties. But the oil has several other benefits, including when it comes to the healing of wounds and marks.

Research published in 2016 reports that lavender oil increases the production of collagen and forms new connective tissue that encourages wound healing.

6. Grapeseed Oil
Tightens Skin: Science says that the strong antioxidants (PTOs) in grape seeds increase collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks.

7. Rice Bran Oil;
is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. Deeply hydrating, anti-aging, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Great for healing scars and stretch marks.

How to use?
Apply adequate amount on the affected area everytime after shower (Recommand Twice a day)
Apply whenever the tummy is itchy

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